1. Where is Melange Astris located?

The property of Melange Astris is at #1, Langford Gardens, Richmond Road, Bangalore – 560001.

2. How many serviced residences and suites/offices are there at Melange Astris?

It consists of 66 fully furnished and serviced residential apartments, and 30 rooms and 3 serviced offices.


1. Does Melange Astris have private parking facilities? If yes, please advise rates?

Yes, Astris does have private parking facilities. There is no extra charge but private parking is subject to availability.

2. Does Melange Astris have a lift/elevator?

Yes. 2 lifts/elevators are available + 1hospital-size service lift..

3. Does Melange Astris have Internet Access and Wi-Fi internet for guests?

Yes, wired internet and Wi-Fi internet are available to guests.

4. Does Melange Astris have a reception/front desk that operates 24 hours?


5. Is Melange Astris located in a good tourist/business area? If yes, please elaborate.

Melange Astris is located at a elegant locality in the heart of Bangalore's central business district and also in close proximity to all major tourist attractions, parks, entertainment centres, shopping malls, corporate and government offices, etc.

6. Is Melange Astris children-friendly?

Yes, we offer a host of board games.

7. Does Melange Astris provide baby cot? If yes, please advise rates.

Yes, subject to availability at the time of booking. No extra charge is applicable.

8. Does Melange Astris accept pets? If yes, please advise rates.

No, Melange Astris does not currently permit pets at its premises.

9. Does Melange Astris offer housekeeping services?

Yes, we offer daily housekeeping services.

10. Does Melange Astris have security personnel?

Yes, Melange Astris has 24 hrs security personnel.

11. Does Melange Astris offer laundry services?

Yes Melange Astris offers laundry services and also has common, self service washing and drying machines.

12. Does Melange Astris have and health and fitness facilities?

We have a fully equipped gym, yoga deck and swimming pool.

13. Does Melange Astris have any food and beverage options?

Yes we offer a buffet breakfast. We also have a vegetarian coffee shop called The Life Tree Café - serving a selection of health foods and beverages.

Serviced residence, apartments and suites:

1. What are the differences between the apartment types?

All apartments and residences have the same equipment. However the more premium ones are larger and may have larger bed sizes. We offer 3 bed options of single, double and queen sizes. Optionally, hotel style rooms with a mini bar/attached bathroom and cable TV/DVD player are also available.

2. Does Melange Astris have bathtubs/showers?

Yes, some apartments have bathtubs and all apartments/suites have showers.

3. Does Melange Astris have any inter-connecting rooms?

Yes, 30 rooms/residences.

4. Does Melange Astris have any handicapped/disabled rooms?

Yes, one studio residence.

5. Do Melange Astris apartments have air conditioners?


6. Does Melange Astris have kitchens in all apartments?

Yes, all apartments are fitted with fully-fledged, modern kitchens with hobs and chimneys, microwave ovens, dining tables and chairs, refrigerators, cookware & tableware.

Serviced residence, apartments and suites:

1. How far is Melange Astris from the city centre?

It is in the city centre, approximately 1- 2 km/1 mile from Vidhan Soudha/MG Road.

2. How far is Melange Astris from the airport?

Melange Astris is approximately 35 km/22 miles from the Bengaluru International Airport.

3. How far is Melange Astris from the train station?

Melange Astris is approximately 3 km/2 miles from Cantonment Railway Station and 5 km/3 miles from the City Railway Station.

4. Do you offer hotel transfer? If yes, how much will it cost?

Yes, the cost depends on the travel agency used and the type of vehicle selected. This can be quoted at the time of booking, if requested.

If the information you require is not shown above, please send us an enquiry by sending us a email on or we will respond to your question within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) and 48 hours (Saturday and Sunday).