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" Very Luxurious "

“Me and a team of 23 officers stayed at Melange for 35 days from 23rd February 2003. The level of house keeping, attitude of the staff especially the managerial and service class, security, ambience of the rooms and appliances provided in the apartments are all-superb. I wish all success to the management and staff at Melange”.

Ahmed Sagoo

Jammu & Kashmir

" Wonderful Experience "

Excerpts from the feedback- “ Your courteous staff has been able to truly provide a home away from home for us. I would like to congratulate you on your high standards of service, which have lived up to the American customer service standards. This in my view is still a very difficult standard to meet by most Indian service business currently.

Punita Bhagi

CA 94043, USA

" Best "

We really enjoyed our stay in Melange and will choose to stay there whenever we visit Bangalore in the future. Keep it up!



" Clean hotel - Overrated "

It is not cramped like a hotel room, so you have more space to move around. The facilities here are like those in a hotel, but it is much more comfortable, very much like home.

Laura Johnson

Texas, USA

" Great hotel! "

“Staying in a hotel is uncomfortable compared to service apartments. And mélange truly stands by its promises, the facilities here or on par with international standards. Keep it up! You guys have done an excellent job”

Vandana Arora

USA Resident